Grotto of St. Jerome

Grotto of St. Jerome

In the cave that serves as a passage between the Grottos of St. Joseph and St. Jerome we come across two altars: one dedicated to the saints Paula and Eustochium, the other to saints Jerome and Eusebius.

Three tombs are located in the wall to the right of the first altar, positioned like Roman tombs in the countryside around Lazio. This would seem to give support to the idea that faithful from the Latin community were present here and had maintained the Roman burial custom of placing bodies in niches inside of walls.

From the last cave, named after St. Jerome, it is possible to enter directly into the Crusader Cloister by means of an internal staircase.

Grotto of the Nativity

Grotto of St. Joseph 

Grotto of the Innocents

Grotto of St. Jerome

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