The Church on the "Milk Grotto"

Milk Grotto

In Bethlehem the sacred area around the Nativity Grotto has been the focal point of all tradition. Nevertheless in Bethlehem a small Chapel has been for long centuries a devotional site.

The "Milk Grotto" over which today a small Chapel rise, is frequently visited by local women, Christians and Moslems alike, to ask for the intercession of Mary. mother of Jesus. A legend recalls how some Mary spilt some milk while breast feeding baby Jesus and this is the reason for the "white" stone of the cave.

A tradition going back to the VII century located at this site the burial place of the innocent victims killed by Herod the Great after the birth of Jesus. In 2007 has been completed the restoration of the Cave, which has cleaned up the walls and returned to the original light.

The new church, built on top of the ancient cave, was designed by architects Louis Lions and Chiara Rovati, work realized with the support of the faithful Slovaks and Italians.

The Milk Grotto is flanked by monastery entrusted to the sister of the Perpetual Adorers of the Blessed Sacrament. An interior corridor connects the cave with the Chapel of the Holy Sacrament and the Upper Church: Eucharistic Adoration continues all day long and it is possible for all the pilgrims to stop there in silent prayer.


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Milk Grotto

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