The Latins

The Latins

Named by the Latin Church as the custodians of the Holy Places, the Franciscans, sons of Francis of Assisi, have been taking care of the Nativity in Bethlehem since 1347, the year in which they established themselves at the holy place. Throughout this time, and continuing today, the Franciscans have carried out liturgical services and welcomed pilgrims.

Their Crusader-era convent is next to the church and contains within it the Church of St. Catherine, which is used both to celebrate the daily liturgy and for parish life. In addition, near the Altar of the Magi the Franciscans officiate each day the Eucharistic Celebration.

Finally, each day the Franciscans animate the Daily Procession that leaves from the altar of the Church of St. Catherine and retraces all of the stages of the Theophany.

The Religious Communities

Armenian Orthodox

Greek Orthodox

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