Armenian Orthodox

The Armenian Orthodox Church belongs to the churches known as “Ancient Eastern” (descending from the Syrian, Armenian and Alexandrian traditions) and is closely linked to the history of the Armenian people, so much so that the Supreme Patriarch, called the “Catholicos”, is considered to be “father of the country”.

The Armenian Orthodox Patriarch in Jerusalem was established around the 5th century. Over time the Armenian Orthodox community has grown with the arrival of Armenian immigrants, above all to Jerusalem.

In Bethlehem there is a community of Armenian monks who live in the monastery adjacent to the Church of the Nativity, where they carry out their daily liturgy and have the right to celebrate the Eucharist at the Altar of the Nativity within the Grotto (sharing with the Greek Orthodox).

Among the most interesting celebrations we can note that of Christmas, which is celebrated on 19 January based on the ancient Armenian calendar. This holiday celebrates the “theophany” and highlights the “Epiphany”, or manifestation of the Lord in his baptism, on the eve of which takes place the solemn entry of the patriarch.

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