Social assistance activities

The Custody, working through the Franciscan Parish of Bethlehem, is committed to providing a continuous service throughout the area directed towards children, families in difficulties and the elderly.

This takes place through a special parish office, the Franciscan Social Services Office, with the parish priest being directly involved in evaluating all of the needs and requirements in order that aid may be distributed in the most effective manner. Frequently it is a question of economic needs, but also often of other natures, in which case specialized personnel can be called upon to help resolve the situation.

In addition the Custody supports other projects linked with other religious institutes with which it has developed a long-term collaboration. In this manner the Custody and the various religious houses are able to provide the entire community in Bethlehem, without regard to religious belief, the assistance necessary for survival in this place that has endured so many years of difficulty.

The Custody at Bethlehem

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